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    Hello! i have subaru impreza plus 2 wd manufacutured in 1998 jan en i eed some parts to be changed,i am getting a very cheap car (complete) but its manufactured in 1997 will the parts of 1997 fit in 1998,hope to here from u soon
    thanking u

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    for the most part yes.. you need to buy the HAYNES repair manual. It will help alot. it runs about $20. 1997-1998 are in the same manual. (if you are getting another impreza)

    As long as there where no major changes made between 97 and 98 then there shouldnt be any real problem.Most manufacturers tend to go in for a lot more cosmetic changes and keep things reasonably the same under the skin.Now although I'm familiar with the Impreza I couldnt say whether there was any significant model change or even facelift from '97 to '98 offhand but I don't believe there was so they should be almost identical underneath.The thing is though you can never tell when a manufacturer is going to change something important which may not be instantly apparent so it would be best to pick up a Haynes Manual but also go online and google impreza and find out all you can.

    hi is the side mirror cover of ford focus MK2 and ford focus cmax will match

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