is that truth ?

    Is that truth one baby has just borne he (she)did has already the sin ?

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    were all born with original sin without exception, the bible says we all fall short of the glory of god.
    how can a new born baby sin (burps)(farts)a baby cant if it cant respound to thinking get on with live baby only picks up what parents do "who ever told you so are "nuts
    Your sin are past on from generation to generation,even baby,sorry that just the way it has been,since Adam Eve.disobey God.
    what is the glory of god one is "not born with sin so god is a bigger sinner he made mankind in the image of himself i am glad i dont except god he let his son die than show himself to the world what kind of father is that (theres a song comes to mind Coward of county

    The notion of "original sin" was made by men who sought to convict everyone of their need to accept the disciplines of their order rather than go on in their life of barbaric paganism, witchcraft and desperation. It was a timely solution to the problems of their day. That it has continued as it has to this day testifies to its on-going need. That so many, now, find it repellant suggests the notion may be out of date. Sin simply means to miss the archery term.

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