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    If we've been taught right from wrong since we were kids...and we know the difference...why do you think it's so hard for people to do the right thing?

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    because disobedience comes comes from origonial sin. water dont run cant have light without dont float!were all rebellious by nature.whens the last time you yelled at someone for doing what is right ...never. yes we all know the differance between right and wrong even us "christians" if something was easy to do(the wrong thing) we'd all would be doing it, which we are. because despite popular beleif people are basicly evil not good. so were going to follow our nature until a new nature is instilled through christ.


    Thanks for your answer daren but I have to disagree somewhat. I think that people are basically good and I personally find it much easier to do the right thing and find it very difficult to do the wrong thing. Also I don't "yell" at someone for doing the right thing...I'll praise them, but I'm a teacher so I guess it's may nature. Thanks again for answering. I'll even praise you with a TU :)


    mucho gracious

    Sad to say a lot of people I think deep down inside still know right from wrong or at least I hope that they do, but they have done wrong so much they have hardened their hearts and killed their concious. I hope to never get that way I pray not to. It truly breaks my heart to see how we treat each other nowdays......


    It is sad Darci. Thanks for your input.

    because right and wrong are moral boundaries conditioned by your upbringing, and different people adapt to different situations depending on where they grow up, and it very much depends on your level of awareness and integrity.



    Some times it is very difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. That's the problem. Not everyone believes what you believe is right, is the right thing. For example, if you were in a church during a sermon, is the right thing to be loud and boisterous or quiet and serene? If you answered loud and boisterous but were in a northern Lutheran Church, people would be upset with you for upsetting the sermon, but if you were quiet and serene in a Southern Baptist church celebrating the Word of God and sat there quiet and serene, you would be looked at as someone who did not have the Spirit of Jesus in them.

    The rest of the world is the same way. What may seam cut and dry now, or right and wrong, or black and white, will soon become murky, or gray, or confusing when put into different contexts. For example, if you had a child who needed a very special medicine which was very expensive and the insurance company would not cover it, and you did not have the money for it and could not get the money either, but you knew your neighbor was taking the same medicine...and one day you saw that the bottle of medicine had been delivered to their post office box and there was no way you could get caught taking it, would you take the medicine to save your child's life or to extend it? If you take the medicine, that's steeling. Your neighbor has insurance and does not have to pay a deductible...and you know they have an extra weeks supply...and they will not miss it... do you take it? Your child is going to die for sure if you do not, but might die if you do.

    How about this question: You are a doctor who specializes in heart transplants, and you find out your child's heart is giving out. But there is a waiting list and only so many hearts to go around each year. You find a perfect match for your you bump someone who has been waiting and give it to your child knowing that if you do, someone who has been waiting will die for sure, but if you don't and you give it to them, another match may not come along in time to save your daughter? What is the right thing to do?

    Oh but that can never happen you say. What if there is a homeless man who comes up to you and asks for money. Do you give it to him? What if you saw the same man with a sign saying he was willing to work for food? Do you look the other way, or do you put him to work, or do you just give him some money and hope he buys food and not drugs or alcohol? What is right and what is wrong?


    Good points BD!

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