What is the dessert Brown Cow have in it?

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    Rootbeer and vanilla ice cream in a tall glass..  It fizzes like crazy and very yum-yum..


    I love Root Beer. Wish I could get some now. Its what memorys are made of.

    Yes it is.. I remember 'Sasparilla' That's the real root beer.. Also cures syphilis. :) When I was a kid there was only one company that made from that root, It was 'Hires root beer' long since gone but I remember it was very spicy.. maybe that's why they went under, that stuff was strong. In my home town there was A&W rootbeer, sometimes they would mix it a bit strong too. I don't think there's any good root beer like we had.. My mom used to make it too! Taste like crap though.. HA!!

    we always poured cola over ice cream. in a glass.

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