is it only one?

    as we knew out of our living Universe there are many other far from us and new one is even formming.
    So do we have one GOD or many other?

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    There is but one God and one God only. Stick around for judgment day and hope you decide on what your answer is before then?

    I think we simplify the question because we are humans with limited knowledge of what is beyond our seeing. I personally see us as having one God, but that is because of my experience with religion. I realize, however, that my vision of one God can be because it seems to make God more like me in form. But I know that there are as many viewpoints as there are people in the world. I think one God exists, yet we just misidentify the nature of His being. For instance, in my religion, we believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. The Trinity. Each entity of God is there for a purpose. God created us as a loving father, Jesus, His son, was sent to be the way that we find God, and the Holy Ghost is that form that swirls about us to inform and inspire us. Yes, there are many out there who may not know God. But that doesn't mean God doesn't know them. He calls to all of his flock. It is up to all to hear Him.

    The belief in Santa taught me that adults don't like to be viewed as gods by their children for fear that they would be viewed as intolerable tyrants that one must escape as in the story of Adam and Eve. Bad things happen to everyone. To escape personal responsibility we made the devil as our favorite scape-goat. This teaches children that you can make a Boo-Boo and blame it on the cat, or as an adult on the guy next door. If we had multiple gods the complexity of our beliefs would make a lot of confusion and folks would argue all the time over their made-up we went for one god with many names. That seemed to help reduce our need to argue about everything. Then I looked at beliefs and realized the fact that, like a child, I had used this conjecture to cover-up the truth! Thus began my search for the Wizard of Oz and I knew...suddenly, as if lightening had struck, that I did it all to myself. Beliefs are a dodge where facts are not known. When your not a skilled thinker, its easier to accept a myth than be plagued with a daunting question that wrenches the brain unmercifully. How do televisions work daddy? Just sit there and maybe the magic box will tell you how it works. Whew! Thank you God for not having to explain that to a five year old.

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