Best & most afordable way to go from medium brown to light blonde?

    -Was dying hair a dark chocolate colour for five years
    -Stopped a few months ago wishing to go back to natural colour
    -Now its medium copper brown (hidious on me) & not growing very quickly
    -Natural hair colour is light/medium really ashy blonde with a pearly tint
    -Not alot of money
    -Considering Tafe salon OR Do it at home using Creme peroxide & Goldwell 9A very light ash blonde (hoping a much lighter shade will help reach the right colour quicker & easier)

    *Also willing & considering to do colour removal in best & most afordable way possible.

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    3 Answers

    Nice and Easy good luck do a strand test before applying good luck

    shave your head! GO SHOCKER! !

    Be very careful if you are using bleach powder and 9% peroxide,i have just done this last week and have got near bald patches on my scalp.Lucky my hair style is a short spikey cut,and i wont have long to wait for it to grow,so be very careful it can end up causing you grief,try and get the professionals to do it,even they get hessitant when it comes to using bleach.

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