Bi-polar disease

    Is it okay to ask a bi-polar person that you know well if he is taking his medication? He seems to
    be getting very very hyper.

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    Yes it is ok. If you see a sudden change, even if he is taking his med. Talk to the doctor. Medication is not a cure. The dosage and or rx sometimes need to be adjusted.

    Definitely ask! Bipolar disorder is something you don't mess with! You'll be doing the person a favor! Believe me I know from first hand knowledge....I had a very close friend who was bipolar, not on medication though he should've been. I didn't understand the disorder at that time however. Just thought he was hyper and prone to periods of depression. Unfortunately he committed suicide at 47 years of age leaving me absolutely devastated as I found him. I'm not trying to alarm you..just stating it as soon as his family members or perhaps his physician if he/she balks at the idea of taking his meds. Not to change the subject but welcome to this forum Grumpy Granny! (:

    Of course it is if you are concerned,if they take offence at you asking just say that you're concerned about them,,be honest !!!

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