Discription of being naked

    Is the term for being nude "Butt naked " or "Buck Naked"?

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    dont matter 2 me, main word is NAKED ..

    A description of the who or what is unadorned with clothing or jewels or fur or hair????  That could be disturbing. 

    If your a DEER its BUCK. ;)

    to be innocent or without guile

    Very Cold!

    U N D R E S S E D !

    Completely undressed.


    what a freedom, i love it.

    It depends on where you live In the deep South it is buck naked in New England it is butt naked.

    I like nude suntanning with friends and their kids…along a clear cool river on a warm summer day. It is completely unrestrained freedom  of movement among others with similar attitudes of trust and love without pretence, or ulterior motives. At one with everyone there.


    Birth Suit


    A man is naked.  A woman is nude.

    Ones character or soul being fully exposed before the Great Spirit at ones last day. The mystery day which no one knows.

    Ones character or soul being totally exposed before the Great Spirit at the last day. The mystery day no one knows.

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