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    were can i find clever people to help me answer my questions ?

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    first you need to ask a clever question and then the clever people will expose themselves

    No where according to Socrates.

    I checked your questions. Sorry, I live in America. I know little about UK dockyards. Actually, let me amend that...I know nothing about UK dockyards. I'm sure you've tried to google it and that would be my only suggestion right now. Good luck finding your answers.

    Are there any?

    I don't think it's clever people you want.. clever people are clever so that they can appear clever, and feel in control.. i think you want someone genuine, wise and knowledgeable.

    what is your question?

    PBS Children's Network? Nickelodeon? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Many others. There are some very bright kids out there.

    Google search is the most clever.
    dont want no one to expose them selves just answer my question thats all...
    how clever are you?

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