Nobody seems to want the secret on how to stay young forever.........I wonder why ?

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    ok give me the secret!Please as nobodys as requested it I will be the first if you deny it I am not bothered but a TU for a good question lol
    Baldy Man

    The file is too large to attach here. If you really want the
    info. I can attach it to an e-mail. Please note this is NOT
    spam or a virus carrier. Let me know..........Mike

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    Old is neat, people treat you with a little respect and you are wiser with age.

    If staying young means we would look like your photo, no thanks.


    That is a creepy photo isn't it?
    Headless Man

    Yes, I think Baldy Man looks real
    Baldy Man

    Ah Well !!!?
    Headless Man

    I didn't say I was frightened, but if that is young, no
    Baldy Man

    Next time I'll send you a sexy pic !!!

    I would rather stay happy forever.

    Baldy Man

    Well......Happy Days..........Mike

    Because we are humans (animals), all living creatures eventually die.

    We have done our work and it is time to rest.

    Baldy Man

    Well good for you......happy days

    To one baldy to an other please tell me. when my times up id like to go young looking would it help.

    Baldy Man

    This is an old Irish health charge
    just to wish you well..........Mike

    If the way to live forever was to stand still and not move along life’s path the effort would be pointless. Going through the process of being born, growing to old age while experiencing a lifetime  of hopes and dreams and pain and joy  and all of those surprising and delightful, sad and exciting events amid the treasury of love and the beauty in your every day…I could not endure the wait while all that experience did not involve me.  I live forever in the endless cycle of life and death that is not death, but is life after life after life forever. Rocks are a form of consciousness that remembers its shape and seeks to remain unchanged throughout all time. To me this is a form of life that seeks to live forever…but I would not choose to be a rock…not even a diamond unless an ocean of love were therein also. But love is more dynamic than stable and fixed. 

    Baldy Man

    Your reply make a lot of sense, congratulations.........this is an old Irish
    health drink that works,......just to put your
    mind at rest..............Mike

    From and early age I've seen the world grow progressively crueler and more evil.

    I do believe in my lifetime I will see a NUCLEAR WAR with the first salvo likely being launched at Israel. The resulting counter attack will be more horrible than we could imagine.

    I'm 56 now and would like to live till at least 86 before I leave this world. (Don't bet on it)

    If I'm fortunate to live that long I'm going to see some REALLY BAD things.

    Who the h*ll wants to stay young forever........time to go.


    I couldn't have said it better myself. TU Yvonne
    Baldy Man

    Good God you really see the glass half empty, sympathies...........Mike

    Start building that back yard bomb shelter.

    nobody want to stay young forever in this world condition we live in. Wars,hunger,hatred and world condition that no one seems to have an answer to.

    Baldy Man

    Sorry, you are looking at the glass half empty

    i found the secret to staying young is by not acting my far so good..

    With age comes wisdom. Which would you rather have,    YOUTH or WISDOM........Later your wisdom could bring you youth.  Maybe not in the form in were talking about.

    OK.......the file is too large to attach here, but if you really want the info I can attach it to

    an e-mail.     Please note this is not spam or a virus carrier.    Please let me  know..

    Maybe because people are more of a wake up to these so called lotions and potions.

    Is this it?

    Baldy Man

    Is What IT ???

    Baldy Man, I would love to know, all my bad habits have aged me and I'd like some back (selfish really I suppose) but Ive tried all the stuff on the market and if you have the secret to the fountain of youth I also would be grateful to have it. Not sure if you are able to access my email this site but would be happy to provide it

    GOOD LORD ......HAND IT OVER BUCKO!!!!! Have a great day.

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