merchant seaman records

    can any one tell me where the seamans records for the now shut merchant navy establishment at st katherines dock london are kept.....many thanks

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    It really depends on how far back you need to go. As a historian myself, I have found valuable records in the British Archives in London to as far back as the 15th century. My specialty is the history of science and technology, but that includes things like shipping, the Columbus Exchange, and the Royal Society of London. Again, how far back do you want to go and are you looking for one individual or a ship or the construction of the docks, wars? Etc. What exactly are you looking for and then I might be able to send you the link to where you need to go. I am also going back there this Summer to work on WWII research, so I could keep my eyes open then too, but I would need additional information as to what you are looking for.

    i am trying to find my merchant navy certificates witch were issued at the london seamanship college st katherines dock,it shut down about 1988 i have tried the national archives and the seamans registry in cardiff all to no avail,i need the certificates so as i can return to sea...thanks for your help


    This is the first place I would check for what you are looking for. Look on-line first and then follow-up with letters to the librarian directly. If they don't have your information, they would know where to find it. If this doesn't work, send me another e-mail and I'll look more. You could also contact the British Embassy if you are in the states. They could get more information for you too.

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