Mental Illness Multi-Asial Diagnosis?

    A 20-yr old female college student worries she might be going insane. For the past 2 yrs she had experienced increasingly frequent episodes of feeling "outside" of herself. These episodes were accompanied by a sense of deadness in her body. In addition, during these periods, the studet was uncertain of her balance and frequently stumbled into furniture; this was more apt to occur in public, especially if she was somewhat anxious. During these episodes she felt a lack of easy, natural control of her body and her thoughts seemed foggy as well. The student said she was experiencing the symptoms about twice per week, and each incident lasted about 3-4 hours. On several occassions the episodes occured while she was driving her car alone, so she stopped driving alone. She began to discuss the problems with her boyfriend; eventually he became less affectionate toward her, complaining she had lost her sense of humor and was totally self-preoccupied. The student's grades remained unimpaired, she slept well at night, no change in appetite, and no impairment in concentration. She was neither fatigued nor physicallu "edgy because of her worry. Howecer, because a cousin had been hospitalized for many years with mental illness, she is beginning to wonder if a similar fate might befall her.
    What diagnosis(es) on the multiaxial would you give this student? (Studying personality disorders and previously mood disorders)

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    I have epilepsy... This sounds similar to a partial sezier. Has she had an MRI or CAT. It took 6 yrs for me to be diagnosied.. I dx with MS and well as some pshyc disorder (both wrong) before I found my answer. Good luck.

    Yes you have to be extremely persistent with getting properly diagnosed, because you will find very little help from doctors unless they take an unfair interest in you.. and everyone else gets forgotten. Hah.. but this does sound serious, and it does sound rather epileptic, because she doesn't have very many impairments other than when the episodes occur.. most families have someone with a mental illness, but mental illnesses have triggering points.. genetic yes, but disorders always have a triggering point, whether it's chemical, diet, spiritual, or emotional, mental.. stress.
    Do as much research on your own as possible, while she is also seeking professional help and diagnoses.. your own research will aid the doctors involved. The more information they have, the quicker the process will be. Doesn't sound like it's a brain tumor, but keep that in mind as well.. if it's happening more frequent as time goes on? That's all I got.

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