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    A 35 year old man has been increasingly anxious about his job in a large manufacturing company. He feels that he has been over for a promotion several times. The patient is preoccupied with many small events and conversation that have occurred to work during the year and worried how his superiors will interpret them he finds difficult to control his worrying. During the day at work he feels restless and edgy. At home he is irritable and has difficulty sleeping His wife also asks him about work but he doesn’t want to talk about it what do you diagnose?

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    Your husband has a severe inferiority complex that has probably been with him since childhood. This type of mental illnesss can cause physical problems due to lack of sleep, worry, a constant feeling of being evaluated and laughed at by his superiors. He could be the type of person who "snaps" and starts shooting people at work in random order to emphasize his rank or power. It is imperative that he seek professional help ASAP and be put on a proper medication to alleviate the symptoms or they will just get worse to the point of him quitting or worse.

    I have a similar problem with PTSD developed in the military. Its an unseen disability so some or many people may see you as a job shirker, lazy, or stupid. Regardless, two things set me off, burning flesh (over barbequed chicken etc., and loud noises give me a feeling of separation feeling as if my mind is separating from my body). If I let it go I black out and walk around like a zombie in a confused state. Once, I drove the wrong way through toll booths at 120mph and the cops could not catch me. I was not aware of what I was doing but it was the result of mixing tranquilizers with a few beers. The cause of my PTSD was a result of being on a long-term first response team to commercial aircraft accidents. I have seen as many as 600 people killed instantly. Men, women and children in pieces, burned to a crisp, or imploding the internal organs. I am totally disabled now and must be ever vigilant toward my symptoms, while realizing the power of some meds.

    Hope this may help your husband. A psych. MD may be able to find out what set this off by delving into his past and bringing up things he may be blocking unintentionally. By the way, I am
    an MD.

    Thanks so much for your response to my question, and for sharing your own experiences!

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