No question, just a birthday thank you from Coach!

    My new pal spaceghost started something that was very special! Thanks to him I have received SO many well wishes from some very sweet people from around the world who I didn't even know just a month ago. We all have to realize that this big blue marble that we live on has so many more good people than bad (it's just the bad ones that make all the noise). We are the cream of the crop and need to celebrate our good fortunes. Please let us know whenever you have a birthday or special occasion so we can help you celebrate. Trust me, today was a very Happy Birthday for Coach!!! Thanks again.

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    I so HAPPY that you had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY, You deserved it my friend. You know you and I hit it off from the start, we've got a lot of similarities. God bless you my friend. T.U. for that.

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    A special shout-out to SpaceGhost, Two Thumbs-up. At Coach, never so few, loved so much, by so many.

    I'm thankful and grateful that I shared a part in your birthday celebration!!!


    Thanks for that Pam, that's special to me , you'll always have a place in my heart. Thumbs Up.

    Awesome! I'm so glad your birthday was made sweeter by it all! A well deserved pat on the back to spaceghost for creating the giant birthday card for you! ???


    Thanks so much Colleen,I love it when people are HAPPY. T.U. for you.

    AWWWW.... SWEET.. I am sure you deserve all the good wishes.

    Yay! It's so easy and so nice for someone to make another person's day a little brighter. Glad you enjoyed it and I'm sure that everyone here will agree with me when I say: here's hoping you have many more.

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