How do you help your son cope with his fathers death as he ages, it seems as he gets older it is harder for him to cope with his death?

    My son is 19 his father died when he was 14 from a sudden heart attack. His father was only 46 years old. It seems as my son gets older his fathers death is harder for him to cope with?

    What can I do to help him? I have no male figures in his life just his friends.

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    14 years of age is very hard for a child to take in I know he was a teenager but he still very young and at a impresional age where he is child and grown up as Ed has said we grieve differently I think the best solution is to keep talking and talking about his Father and make him see its alright to cry and laugh about his father and if that does not work see a counceler or a expert in grieving good luck


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    We all grieve differently. But this does sound strange. Perhaps talking to a shrink might be a good idea.

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