Trusting others

    How come people you trust, always seem to be the ones who will let you down?

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    Because the ones we love the most being the fact that we love them and trust them when they let us down and hurt us we are a lot more vulnerable to them because of the fact that we love and trust them. Now upon saying that I have learned to trust no one but God and Jesus anymore, but that is because of the very dysfunctional family life I had and I am praying that God will work on that with me.


    This is a straight forward question that has nothing whatsoever to do with religion,so why did you feel the need to drag it in ??.

    maybe you put to much trust or faith in them

    Your answer, is in your question.

    People that I don't trust...don't let me down because I have no expectations from them. The more you trust them the better chance that they will make a mistake somewhere and disappoint you.

    I trust no one.

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