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    If you have a home renovation question I may have an answer or solution. Ask away...i will leave your answer in the comment section below your question so check back.

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    if my dpc is ripped under my window sills how do i fix it? and wat is it for under the sill and should there b water in thee in the 1st place

    Another question about the insulation issue? This is a very old house and I cannot afford to rewire it so is there a safe and efficent cost saving way for me to insulate it myself? Darci

    What is the best way to insulate a really old house that has been turned into several small apartments? The landlord has no insulation in the attic at all and refuses to do so?


    what a dumb ass your land lord is...the cheapest insulation to install is a recycled cellulose product available at depot or lowes among others. this product is about $8 to $12 per bag. usually the machine to blow the insulation in the attic (called a hopper) is rented by the home store. you want to blow in enough insulation to rise to the top of the large boards (called rafters). if all this seems daunting call an insulation company for a price on "cellulose blow in" it would take them about 1 hour to do an entire attic area.

    We are renovating a building to be used as a gun shop and indoor shooting range. One wall of this building, which helps surround the indoor range, is composed of concrete squares lined up. It is quite unattractive from the outside. I am wondering if there are any methods for making this kind of concrete wall smoother, and if it can be painted. Will the paint adhere to concrete and stay there for years? What can I use to fill in the seams if I do decide to paint it. Do you know anything about wall wraps? I'd love to have a scene with hunters and/or law enforcement scenarios, or even a mural that looks like something out of the movie "Tombstone." Also, can corrugated metal take paint and keep it?
    Do you know the best outlet for large amounts of carpet squares? Our showroom has a laminate floor that looks like parquet, but the previous owner apparently used different runs of the tiles, and I would like to cover some areas in carpet squares of commercial grade indoor/outdoor squares so that we can both cover the irregular tiles, and also be able to replace squares if they become too stained. Thanks for taking questions like this!!!

    hello yes can you build a wall with 4X2

    John Graham

    you should only use 2x4 in interior walls and thats if there not load bearing and you can get them in 8, 10, 12, 16, or pre cut


    ok...the short answer is yes. but this material is refered to as 2x4"x8'#2 yellow pine. these boards come in 8, 10, 12 foot lengths. now...the tricky part is, what will the new wall support. if it is a wall that separates a couple rooms or creates a space then a 2x4 stud wall is completely up to code.

    little confused here...what is or what do you mean by "dpc". you can reach me at to further explain your home repair question. thanks, and contact me at your convenience. patric

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