can roaches find their way into your house through your plumbing

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    YES!!! They are my biggest fare next to bridges.

    Absolutely yes.

    The short answer is yes
    Any home can have roaches. However, there are steps you can take to prevent cockroaches from becoming a problem in your home; identify the extent of and solutions to any potential cockroach problem; and reduce or eliminate roach problems.
    General maintenance and cleaning are important because they remove the food, water, and shelter on which cockroaches depend. There are many steps tenants, landlords, and homeowners can take individually and jointly to prevent cockroach infestation of the home environment.

    Wipe off counters, tables, and stovetops after all meals, snacks, and food preparations.
    Keep food confined to specific areas of the house and clean any spills immediately.
    Keep all food and garbage in tightly sealed containers.
    Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, on the counter, or in the dishwasher overnight.
    Remove all piles of boxes, cardboard, newspapers, etc. from both inside and around the home.
    Fix leaky pipes, faucets, toilets, and other plumbing problems.
    Use a bathroom fan that vents to the outside after all baths and showers to reduce humidity.
    Caulk all cracks and crevices throughout the home around systems such as plumbing, electrical, and gas lines, as well as in places like cupboards and walls.

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