"He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals." <<Benjamin Franklin...Do you agree?

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    Yes I agree.

    I guess I can agree as long as he does not have multiple personalities. One always seems to like another better. It can cause conflict for the one/s left out.



    good answer Colleen

    I agrre that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you respectfully. But if someone trully loves you you will have a rival... smeone to protect you when you make bad disisoins, love you when you dont love yourself.... But that is love.

    has no friends either!

    How very true.

    "Maybe himself .You know looking into the "Mirror to comb his hair .Then saying "That bugger in there is better looking than "Me dose he have a rival then?

    Yep! I think your right Chiangmai, didn't read it correctly.


    Come on people. When a woman is making love with you and her eyes are closed is she thinking of you or some one other then you. come on the truth now.


    Tom Cruise or Walter Matthau? The truth, woman, the truth!

    I don't agree,if you only love yourself then that make you selfish person,think only of your own needs You should love yourself,if you have respect for other people,love is to give each other needs


    It's a little play on words. Your idea is correct. Read again, facebook. Don't think too deeply on this one.

    THe Bible tells us that we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  I take this to mean that I respect myself and take good care of myself.  One should do no less for others than he would himself....clothes for the naked, shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry.  This is brotherly love.   This isn't the love of which BF referred.
    When someone is conceited and arrogant and obsessed with his looks, abilities, possessions, personality, etc.  we say he is full of himself.  Those people are hard to love, probably  because their attitudes make it clear they have no room in their hearts to love others.
    SO I'll agree with Ben, taking the above into consideration.

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