if you mow over a hornets nest, will they attack?

    when are hornets most likely to attack?

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    This by far is voted One of the Silliest questions ever asked by hornets,wasps, and bees!

    Everytime I see this question pop up I laugh and shake my head!!

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    If you don't bother them, they won't bother you.


    good answer Pamela :-)

    Thanks, Mel!

    Hi, Pam. Welcome back. We missed you. Wish Jenn would come back too.

    When you do some thing to make them mad and running over there nest is not safe!""


    They are just like killer bee's the little creeps will come after you!! then RUN FOREST RUN!!

    Nice Nest!!!

    Yes, they will attack.

    Yes if you mow over them they will definately attack they are only protecting thier nest so leave well alone. as Pamela said if you leave them alone they will leave you alone


    Mel, why would donnacollins want to mow over a hornet's nest? Don't make any sense.

    good question Pamela why would you ? do you think its another Child? these little blighters can kill if your not careful and if you have a allergy it could be instant death if you dont have your eppipen handy :-)

    their stingers arent barbed like a bee, the can sting till your dead! better leave that alone.


    Avoid Bee Hives if you like your comfort zone.

    My husband got attacked when he put a stick in a hornet's nest. He could have died. They attacked!

    He's a smart guy, but didn't know what it was.  Z Z Z Z Z ZZ Z ZZZ Z ZZZ   Z ZZ ZZZ ZZZZ X Y ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!  I agree with the other akaQAers.  Don't mow!

    You'll have a job mowing them if they are near the roof.


    In my part of the country they build their next underground and they are not to be messed with unless you like and ambulanc rideto the E.R.

    Start running>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Yes, they are likely to attack. And sometimes, when they're on the ground,  they sting you. When I was about  10, I was wearing sandals, and I accidently stepped on some hornets in somebody's back yard. OOOOOhhhh , that HURT !  And , years later, when I was in my husband's nephew's pool, a hornet floating around in there stung me !  And last, but not least, when I was living at home, and I was in an attic bedroom, I got stung in the middle of the night , in the winter ! a hornet !  That was a rude awakening !

    Not if you are mowing them underwater.

    " If I were a (hornet) and you mowed down my home, sure I'd sting "THE HELL" out of ya! "


    Yes! If you're allergic to the venom, even one sting can kill you. En masse, even if one sting doesn't really affect you, lots of them stinging can cause an allergic reaction, and your throat can swell up to the point where you can't breathe. Same with bees, especially "Killer Bees". Here's a video of Japanese hornets:

    Why wouldn't they? 


    Ha !  run Infidel  Run Run Run

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