What is the absolute best facewash for oily skin..........Price does not matter

    Have used estee lauder, lancome, etc

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    NEUTROGENA® DEEP CLEAN® Facial Cleanser

    It's amazing!! It's made for oily skin and it's not expensive at all.

    I am going to get both that have been suggested.........stick with one for a week then switch to other........Thanks, Kendra
    alpha-h i use which is for oily skin and breakouts,iget it from qvc the shopping channel,its a bit pricey but it is amazing my skin is in the best condition ever,have a look at there website.

    Thank you.........will give it a try........Kendra
    I use the Neutogena Wave Power Cleanser, and not only does it help with oily skin, but it leaves it very soft, and gives your face a very clean feeling.
    I repeat my wash three times for the most effective feel. And unlike other products, it doesn't have a harsh fragrance that will dry out your face, and it isn't bad for you, or your skin.
    The site I gave you isn't one you buy it from (just giving you some feedback and a picture). Its seen in most stores, and low in coast. - Even if you don't care about money. (:

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