leasing an apartment to a tenant

    Hi Im wondering What rights my new tenant has , as I believe he went ahead and had his girl friend move in , with out notifing his land lords, and he is the only one on the lease!, What are our rights as land lords about this?

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    as long as your apartment is not being damage in any way and thay dont fight or bother any one and you get your rent what the hell dose it matter to you! you need to but out of his life, as long as you get your rent. thats your apartment, buts thats his home.dose your life suck so much you have nothing better to do but spy on him

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    First thing.....what does the lease say? Does it state specifically he can not have a roommate? If not (and this could depend on your state's rental laws) he has every right to have people live with him as he is paying the fee that makes the apt his home. Without the lease expressly forbidding a roommate I don't think you can do anything about it. Now if his utilities are included in his rent, then you can demand payment from the roommate for their share of usage.


    An excellent reason to always have a good lease ... and to make sure it is signed before occupancy.

    In Fl when you have a new roommate, you are supposed to have them sign onto the lease. This happened to me at a large rental condo I lived at years ago. This way if your tenants trash the place, you can go after both of them legally. But I agree with Colleen, depends on the state. You can check out the laws online. Good luck.

    Google land lord tenant rights for your state and download it in pdf to read.

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