why does everyone not look in the sky and ask , what are those lines in the sky?

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    They are jet streams, were warm air meets cooler air to produce steam, Why?

    What lines?

    I think those are jets. Maybe F-16's

    you people are really "dum"!! Contrails is nothing but water vapor and it disipates soon as the plane passes , it does not leave long trails that linger and make clouds! Those are poisions that will kill you and your youngins. The real problem is that none of you are curious enough to even be aware of what they are doing to us all.This is happening world wide in every country and has been happening for years? Slow poision,you better wake up, it is called "Chemtrails"



    No George, they are contrails, and it depends on how much humidity is in the air at the level the jets are flying at. Typically at 30,000 feet it is well below zero fahrenheit. The extremely hot exhaust combines with the humidity, and FREEZES. The colder it is with the combination of the exhaust and humidity, the longer the trails will linger. Question to ask yourself: How come these trails only last when there are cirrus clouds in the sky? If you don't know, call your local meteorologist.

    Headless Man

    People look at everything to try and start a conspiracy.


    wow, wow, wow, how about george leave us some ambigendi locus ;]
    can't call everyone dum asses just because they disagree. the world is not perfect, pretty sure you already knew that. you believe what you want to believe and we also have the right to do that ;)
    the world isn't against us, we are the ones that make it so, conspiracy is a disease among us human fellows


    you people believe everything the idiot box tells you .don't listen to me , try a fucking google search for cemtrails , I do not have time for teaching kindergarden to dum asses. You want to improve your IQ overnight TURN OFF THAT IDIOT BOX AND LEAVE IT OFF IT MAKES YOU IGNORANT

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