Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change

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    Be the change and lead by example.

    The most effective way is to raise our children to be tolerant of all and to be interested in other cultures , being the way they live thier food ,music , art ,dress on and on.Oh and to Umbiel why are you so angry? And on Obama  he admits himself  that he is" in his own words that he is a mutt.".most of us are I myself am scottish and german After all   America is the melting pot.


    A M E N

    Carefully.   You don't just challenge something or someone without a good offense.  What would you do to change the circumstances you are challenging?  HAVE A WORKABLE PLAN.

    I feel no obligation to understand or accept an other culture. I moved to this country a very long time ago and had to assimilate to this culture, not the other way around.  I don't approve of many things that are synonymous of certain groups of people. Without insulting anyone, litter is today is looked upon as a form of foliage not garbage.  Filthy stores and eating establishments are the norm today if your in the mood for something exotic. Rude, "in your face attitude" while getting gas. But , beat one down and your a racist.

    equality?? no such thing, we here have tried to promote this to the point that we are now discriminated against, I work hard for my money, I pay high taxes to support the ones that choose not to, Im not talking about those that are unable, just the ones that can lay claim because they happened to be on this land first, who I might add would have died without our intervention,who are given opportunities that we are not, and I know I shouldn't generalise but appear to abuse the priveledges and opportunities laid at their feet. Expect to be provided for without contributing anything and feel they have the right to abuse us, they still however hold out their hands for whatever they can get. Don't mistake me, I have always embraced  individuals that I have respect for, I think we have gone way too far here, if people want all the privelidges of white society maybe they should earn them like the rest of the population, but why would they when they don't have to, my children didn't recieve a free education, we don't get free medical, I don't get paid if I don't work, nor would it be tolerated if I continually broke the law. I have always maintained change would only come with education,not just training, but social education  as well, just doesn't seem to happen here, hate by the minority is so inbred, its almost always an "us and them" we tend to be tolerated for the handouts, but not as a society

    Do the best job you possibly can.  Once upon a time people thought black men could not play basketball or football.  They were so great during early games, look at them now in sports.  People cannot argue with excellence.  Be excellent and people will start to look at you different and some discrimination will start to melt away. Some discrimination is deep seeded and down to the bone and people cannot let it go.  But that's ok because everybody has to grow at their own speed and based on their personal experiences. Appreciate everybody and eventually they will appreciate you. & if that don't, that's ok too.  It's all part of the challenges of life, which is fabulous and shoud be appreciated.

    I feel that to promote change in discrimination we must ALL make a conscious effort to be willing to understand and cony ed  cultural difference etc without any prejudice being our motives

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