Who has the most influence on kids?

    Is it the grown ups in their lives or the media or their friends or something else?

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    Mom and Dad!

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    of course it's their parents first, as they are their sole providers, but when they start entering teenagehood, you should expect them to change a little, because they want to fit in stuff with society and been influenced by the media 24/7 and if that doesn't work for them they start getting rebellious, that's when you need to talk some sense into them, but eventually when they are in their final years at high school, most of them actually go back to their parents depending more, and actually realising their parents are worth more than friends. and that's when you start getting back the kisses on the cheeks again like how you used to get them when they were children, sorry if this doesn't help much but i'm only talking through my own personal experience. good luck with your children coach :)


    Thanks DH TU to you

    Right now I do... but as theey get further in High School (I have a freshman) I expect that to change. My daughter is still in elem so I am still her hero.


    All moms are heroes Jenn. Keep up the good work.

    It is whoever takes the time to spend with them and teach them and learn them and also by your actions. Actions speak volumes louder than words most of the time. If parents or parent does not take the time to be there for their children then the wrong influential people will always be there to do it for you and not in a good way.

    I have a 5 year old Grandauhter who can work a smartphone and computer.I think that her older brother had more influence than what her mom did.


    ummm, papa peg i thought you were 21 years old????

    Depends on their age, 0 – 12 I would say Parents. From then on I would definitely say their friends. If a teen doesn’t go along with the crowd they may be out casted and ignored, so there’s a ton of peer pressure.

    their parents have the most influence -- for the good or for the bad
    teach your children well csny


    Love that song itsmee!

    Depends upon the childrens' ages..when they are young and impressionable, not to mention needy of their parents...then they are the most influenced by their parents. But Boy wait until those hormones get racing...your folks know absolutely nothing in their minds unless you have fostered a very good relationship with them to begin with, then it's their peers definitely!

    the education system, and the entertainment industry. The system has done well at separating the child from the mother. Now family bonds are almost gone.

    Family values have the primary influence. This is the time they learn basic rights and wrongs and also build self confidence, arrogance, and self worth. It also is the time for building trust and love.

    Secondary influences are their friends (society) - who tend to have control over the way they interact with others not only in childhood, but also as adults later on. They also will either learn to go with or against their society. Will their society encourage them to do well in school? drink? smoke? do drugs? sex? Or will their own society help them succeed in adult society? Pick your friends carefully boys and girls and you will go far together.

    Tertiary influence are other things, like television, magazines, and movies, which tend to be influence how they feel about their bodies as teenagers. These influences, left unchecked, have the ability to make some kids feel horrible about their own bodies and in tern help to destroy their self worth. At this point is is important that their primary and secondary influences are good ones, to overcome the tertiary influence. Unfortunately, this happens just as their bodies are changing and hormones are racing.

    So in conclusion, primary, secondary, and tertiary influences all work together to influence, for good or bad, every young person's life.

    Many people have influences on children. I would say their caretakers are the ones who have the biggest influence.

    Children are in influenced the most, when they are around people they can relate to. So, find them these good people to be around, which are in the same environment as them.

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