Do You Really Love Music

    Whats your Fav song of All Time

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    Fun fun question.

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    This ia a hard one,i have many songs i really like but this time i 'll settle for a 'Beatles' classic HEY JUDE.


    That's the only Beatles I don't care for ... Kinda strange.

    I love music, period. Especially the music from the seventies. In my opinion .... the best !


    I think so too.

    Love music,any music.Great mood lifter.

    Thre are far too many classics out there to just pick one, and i every era has it's classic songs.   

    I have try ed this at work and dues it work ow yes. I played smooth jass for one month. workers around my work area started to mellow and jokes started to fly every day now. Your work inverment is important 


    So you like JAZZ?

    I really like music Jazz Blues Classical music very hard to pick to one from all those different music types.pick a few from each type Jazz 1.Round midnight 2.Chelsea street bridge 3.Blue in green Blues 1.The thrill is gone 2.The sky is crying 3.Lucille Classical 1.Adagio for strings 2.Mozart a little night music 3.Clarinet adagio!  ""


    I can't get those!!!! Tomorrow i'll try. It was a mighty effort

    "When I was stone blue, rock 'n roll sure saw me through."


    Nice lyrics!

    Only good music,not the screaming or yelling kind,don't call that music it annoying noise,that what that is.


    you got it.

    The screaming howling music sounds like some one strangling a cat!!

    I'm with a research group , We study all kinds of physics research. Try changing your music you like to softer blend for one month. its a start.


    A start to what?! I don't want a softer blend. My music can pull me out of depression. I think it's that way with most people. A research group?

    Most music depending on what Im doing, rock, classical, pop, blues, anything except rap


    Ear Ear!

    "ear ear!" says west-bus and I agree.

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