Why do married men cheat?

    Say they have been married 20, 30 40 years, not middle age and make the decision to step out on their spouse, is there a trigger other than middle age?

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    its called "lust" its in our hearts(women as well)its part of original sin. sin manifests itself in differant ways to differant poeple ex:muggers,rapest, idolitry , drugs,hate , pornography...well back to your question when men cheat who do they cheat with other cheaters male and female,perhaps when you get older your heart turns to stone so they do any thing to make them feel like their alive,cause inside they are dieing!!
    Because they are liars, they made a promise to be true and didn't, can't ever be trusted again.
    same reason married women cheat
    I would think a cheater is that way for many different reasons. For some it is a need for the ego to feel boosted by still feeling attractive to others because they are insecure within themselves, some it is the excitement they feel is not longer available in the marriage, for some it is the lack of appreciation that they feel they are not getting and in most cases not giving in order to receive it.I do believe that some grow up in a family that this is common and we learn what we live. Some are actually incapable of loving anyone but themselves. I also think some do it because they are finding an easy way out of an unhappy relationship.These are some things I have observed over the years...sad but true.
    married men cheat because outside appears sexier & more exciting plus they are more adventurous, while home makes themselves boring and bland.

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