how do you repair a hole in plaster wall

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    see below.


    Things You'll Need

    * Cold chisel
    * Hammer
    * Utility knife
    * Sponge
    * Patching plaster
    * Bucket
    * Putty knife
    * Carpenter's square
    * Drywall joint compound
    * Drywall knife
    * Fine sandpaper
    * Wood block

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    * 1

    Chip away the loose and damaged plaster on the inside perimeter of the hole using a cold chisel and a hammer. Carefully pull out any debris. Cut the inside edges of the hole with a utility knife, making the hole wider at the base, next to the lath, than at the surface.
    * 2

    Wet a sponge with water. Dampen the lath behind the plaster and the interior surface of the hole using the sponge. Mix the patching plaster in a bucket according to the manufacturer's instructions. Fill in the hole with the patching plaster using a putty knife. Apply it to within 1/4-inch of the surface of the finished wall. Allow 24 hours for the patching plaster to dry.
    * 3

    Mix a second bucket of patching plaster following the manufacturer's instructions. Wet a sponge and dampen the first layer of plaster inside the hole. Apply a second layer of patching plaster atop the first using a putty knife. Run the edge of a carpenter's square down the wall, across the hole, to smooth the plaster so that it is flush with the finished wall. Wait 24 hours for the patch to dry.
    * 4

    Smooth down any bumps in the patching plaster that dried on the wall around the outside perimeter of the patch using fine sandpaper. Apply a smooth coat of drywall joint compound over the patch using a drywall knife. Make sure the compound is smooth with the surrounding wall area, especially around the edges of the compound. Wait 24 hours for it to dry.
    * 5

    Wrap a piece of fine sandpaper around a wood block. Sand the dried drywall compound to create a smooth surface. Paint the patch to match the surrounding wall.

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    Hang a photo over it, much easier.



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