do wooden bowls marked "occupied japan" have value ?

    small wooden bowls (salad sized) fair to good condition,are marked as being from occupied can i judge if they have any value?

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    My daughter has a cermic canoe with an Indian chief and squaw, it also has made in occupied Japan on the bottom. I'll have to let her know.
    YES!! Japan was occupied by the Americans from 1945-1958 (After WWII) During that time all exports were marked Occupied Japan. For starters industry was minimized or thefirst few years due to recovery after the war. Secondly the Japanese as a people are very proud and somewhat disgraced that their country was EVER occupied. Now that the standard of living is so high there there is a movement of people to erradicate any evidence of our Occ. Often vecationing Jap-anese will seek out these items online. at garage sales, and at flea markets for the sole purpose of destroying them.
    The more perishble the item, the more likely to increase its value. as in with the common paper mache creations which were a common item at the time, but didn't hold up well. There are plenty of sites online to help you value the item you own, but PLEASE only sell it to a collector or purveyor of such Items. They are fast disappearing.

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