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    can i start body building at 42

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    YES!!!!! Make sure you do not have ant issues with your back... always wear belt. and get a good trainer. Dont go it alone.

    Why not Go for it

    Sure, but at your (our) age...the goal would be to tone a firm the muscles first while maintaining your flexibility. You should use a weight in which you can lift the weight CORRECTLY and comfortably do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Once you have trained for awhile and understand the proper techniques, then you can move on and increase the resistance (weight) slightly and continue the 3 sets and maybe this time do 8-10 repetitions. Don't forget cardio...when THAT muscle (the heart) stops, they all stop


    Hello my friend, very good answer. I'm getting ready to start back myself, got to take it slow, man when I was 26 yrs. old I had 19 inch biceps, Now those were the days.

    I work out and i'm 58.


    Way to go PP!!


    That's good PP.

    That shouldn't be a problem but get yiur doctors consent first and make sure you start slow and raise the weights slowly. At this age yoy are more prone to injuries (your muscles are not as flexible as they used to be)

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