If you could go back in time and prevent a major incident in history...what would it be?

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    911, I lost some dear friends there.

    Ms Sinclair

    Sorry to hear that. I live in New York and saw, from a distance, the towers go down. As a matter of fact I was off from work that week and had planned to go down there that afternoon to go shopping. My mother used to work in the World Trade Center but thank goodness she had already retired by then.

    I'm not Jewish, but I would say the Holocaust....what a truly terrible black mark on humanity.


    yes tackigirl im definetly with you on that,it was barbaric.



    I am with you on this one Leeroy :-)

    Thanks Mel, appreciate your comment.

    I agree to some of the answers listed above. To that I would add slavery, political assassinations (MLK, Malcolm X, JFK, RFK, etc.), the continued destruction of the earth's environment (and the extinction of many of it's animals), and on, and on. If I were a doctor, one thing I would do would be to go back in time and administer to Beethoven so that he would live a longer life and write even more beautiful music (he's my favorite "classical" composer).

    I'd kill Hitler, or at least make him be raised a different way. I'd also kill Chairman Mao. He's almost as bad as Hitler. Oh, and I would prevent Socrates from dying. He knew so much... This is kind of weird, but the earth is probably better off without people. I mean, we killed so many animals and plants, and caused so much death. The world would thrive without us. The world isn't exactly thriving right now, you know?


    Either the day the Music Died, February 3rd, 1959 with the death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson, or the death of Harry Chapin, who at the time of his death was raising millions of dollars worth of food for people everywhere, including those in the United States. Both avoidable accidents changed the world of music forever.


    Great answer BD!





    why would you say that daren1


    thought that answer was abit gloomy,but your right though life dosent have to be serious all the time.

    As bad as slavery was, this country would not have evolved into what it is today had it not been for slavery. Then again perhaps we would have come into the machine age sooner had slavery been abolished even fifty years earlier, the resources to pay a bunch of white people to harvest crops wasn't there. There is a correlation between the machine age and slavery.

    The birth of Jesus.

    Obama being elected.

    I would of stopped John Wilkes Booth at Fords theater from killing President Lincoln

    i'd like to stop saddam hussein from been born , just imagine how iraq would've been different if he didnt reign :O


    I dont think stopping Saddam will do any diference for Iraq, because then there would be different ruler monarch just like hin if not worser, because thats what all middle eastern countries got!!!

    The Inquisition, the genocide of native american peoples and the annihilation of their cultures and knowledge all across the continent, the burning down of the library of Alexandria.

    Those are just some of the great losses of humanity.

    The interesting question is: if we had prevented these disasters, which other misfortunes would have taken their place in history?

    yes... 9 11 .... my cousin married a guy who was killed on 9 11.
    they had 2 children, ages 2 and 4 at the time.

    they could not understand why daddy never came home that day.


    Sorry to hear that, I remember that time very well and it was very sad

    Ms Sinclair

    That's very sad. I hope they're doing ok now.

    The Holocaust was bad, but so waas enslaving a race of people. Slavery in America was the most barbaric and inhuman act that one race can do to another. Slavery lasted in America for over 400 years, yet it still leaves a dark stain on American history and is shunned from most discussions today. It is not exposed for the inhumane acts that was done to an entire race of people brought into this country, starved, worked to death, families destroyed and separated, their own culture not allowed to be practiced, young girls raped, men, women, and children sold as chattle. This is the m ost inhumain thing that stains America and is still active in some form today. Of course, no one wants to discuss this, although it is sad, it happens to be the truth.

    I would make sure my wife knew how much I loved her before she died.

    i'd like to stop saddam hussein from been born

    okayy, "adult",
    how about this, prevent the british entering ausralia, then aboriginal people would be here !!!


    Wow you DO have a brain!


    I am assuming you meant Australia? Oh, and the last time I checked, the native people of Australia are still there, but much like the native American people including the Inuit, they have been forced to give up most of their traditional lifestyles to join the rest of humanity. So stopping the British from entering Australia would not have done anything because the Portuguese were already in the area. Had the British not taken the area, then someone else would have taken the continent later.


    you never asked for a full explanation,

    There are a few times in my own life I would like to take a "do over".


    Yes I'm there with you on that Lupe, I would do a looot different in my past life lots of stuff that I screwd up!!!

    When white man set foot in Australia and America

    And Pina, I don't know where you come from in Africa either but that doesn't matter anyway. Because each and every one of us is entitled to their opinion. Now, I want you to look for a book entitled "PILGRIM AFLAME" and read it. This is a true story about the Roman Catholic Church and what they did to people who wanted out that church and also who followed the separates. These people were murdered by hanging, drowning, burning etc. Those who were lucky just got tortured. The Mohammedans, led by Mohamed himself made sure that anybody who did not accept their teachings was put to death where ever they went including Africa, especially north Africa. The Arabs who now occupy north Africa are not originally from there,they were brought there by Mohamed. The aboriginals,being blacks( the Nubians ) took off to the south when he(Mohamed) and his entourage came on jihad . And believe you me, I can give you more and more instances of the religious propaganda that had gone on then and still going on now. And in the mist of all that, we the black people are deemed monsters. And if you don't believe that, as a black person go to an Arab country and offer a gift to even a beggar on the street. I won't tell you what will happen because I want you to see it for yourself.

    They would be 1st religions not coming into being at all.Then colonization and slavery. Religious ideologies and beliefs are the main reasons why the world is such a dangerous place to live today. Do you folks agree with me or not? And to me, the other two above have brought about so much dependency on the western world. Which is causing a lot of conflicts around the world. Not true? The white man came to Africa telling us about God with the bible in his hand,meanwhile there was a gun underneath the bible. That means, coercion. Isn't it? And the same can be said about the Mohammedans when they entered Africa from the Middle East. I rest my case.

    I would return to the time of the dinosaurs and prevent the comet from blasting a hole in the earth that sucked away all the large animals.


    Good luck with that, because I cant think of any way or any modern tehcnology that would be able to prevent that kind of disaster

    The assassination of Abraham Lincoln...the country would have healed much more quickly and the Black people would have advanced more quickly...


    So, 146 years wasn't long enough for black people to advance?

    you been born :D


    What? Another reason that kids shouldn't be on this site!

    Ms Sinclair

    Who are you talking to doublehelix? And it's being not been btw


    Coach my friend and Ms Sinclair my friend just ignore him.

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