How do I send a fax from my computer?

    I have a HP 8500 all in one printer connected to a iMac and what to send faxes from my iMac. Can anyone tell me how to plug in all phone lines and where? When I try to fax from my computer, the screed tells me there is no modem connected.
    Thanks, Dan

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    It should be simple enough. It should be just a matter of looking at the back of your printer and seeing two telephone jacks. You need the same phone lines as you would use for a telephone. The 2 jacks on the back of your printer should be label (one is out to CPU and the other is out to phone line). You do not have to connect one to your computer if you don't want to but it is handy if you want to fax a file from your computer. On the back of your CPU (some call it the tower) you will see a telephone jack there (sometimes it shows a telephone icon or it may say land line) plug in there. Now back you your printer, see the second phone line jack, plug your second line in there and run the other end to your in house phone jack. You are now connected to your phone line and should be able to send a fax. Good luck.

    Sending a fax from your computer requires a fax modem and that your operating system be configured to allow you to send and receive faxes.

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