why woman have yeast

    so why does woman have yeast so it be cos of sex or some thing other than that....she said this time ie had blood in it......why...

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    I'm assuming you are asking about vaginal yeast infections as there's different types.

    Did you ask your doctor why there was blood in it? I'm assuming you saw a doctor who said there was blood in it.

    I've never had a yeast infection which is why I googled for you.

    Causes of yeast infections:

    go to the dr for an eval. Men and women can have yeast infectios. Prednisone can cause oral thrush and asthma inhalers.

    Google what Colleen Clonge has answered for you. Many women do suffer yeast infections - various causes usually thrush - sometimes there will also be blood due to inflammation and itchy Antibiotics can cause thrush this is why it is advised to take Vitamin B when taking them. Babies get a lot of mouth thrush from the milk.

     This can be a real problem for many women but we can only make one helpful suggestion and that is "See your doctor" because anything else may lead to more confusion or miss information.

    Well that is my opinion.


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