sex offender rehabilitation

    Do you believe a sex offender can ever be *rehabilitated?*

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    A sex offender towards children can never be rehabilitated.This type of person is very deranged with a very diseased mind,they are the dregs of society and deserve nothing more than a bullet.

    No. Sexual urges can not be overcome however normal or deviant. That urge keeps mankind going.

    Are you a sex offender?
    An 18 year old youth that has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend can be charged as a sex offender. My answer therefore, is sometimes...

    No, I don't think that serious sex offenders can be rehabilated. At least, that's what I've read in different articles from people that specialize in the field of psychology. Statistics show that their recividism rate is higher than any other criminal. The problem is what do you do when they have served their sentence? I know that in my state their have been instances where they have been institutionalized in a psychiatrical facitlity to protect the public. These are of course the very worst offenders. As far as the lesser offenders, you let them out and continue to monitor their activity.

    ohhh yes some can but many cant be ur asking across a very large scope and sex offenders and the nature in which the offence occured is a vast one i guess some offenders were a one of thing but many make it a again and again some are sly crafty carful types and others are violant lashing out both are as bad as the other my opinion is to castrate them buy medical means or surgical means rape and violant crimes and any iterferance with childeran should be delt with in jail terms and carstration and the rehabilitation talk should come into place after the other has been done that might insure a lot less will offend again


    I agree with NINJA thats what I would do wit them, its just sick and nasty even thinking about them
    "castrate them buy medical means or surgical means"
    and lock them up in special facilities for sick crazy offenders!!!

    no. there is no room on this planet for this kind.
    Rapist.. No, Child porn.. .I hope so..... Stataroy rape concetual sex, yes

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