What do you do if you find a hair in your food when eating out?

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    Just tell the server and don't make a stink of it. Things like this happen in restaurants. Even if they wear nets. Worse than that is what you can't see, an employee goes to the restroom for #2 and doesn't wash their hands, I saw a kitchen worker come right out of a poopstall with his apron on and go right out the door.. I went out, quietly told my party that we were leaving, the hostess asked why, I whispered to her what I saw and left.. Ironically, the table next to us saw me come out and announce we were leaving, they got up and left too, one guy said to me on the sidewalk, I don't know what you saw back there but the look on your face was good enough for me.. Fortunately, neither table had been served yet.


    You should have gone directly to the manager. I did when I saw a similar action at work. The work cafeteria person was also the dishwasher and use that as an excuse. They told him "it's no excuse" and suspended him.

    Any foreign object found in food you're eating should be reported to the waitress and noted. Most establishments will order you another plate or not charge you for that order.

    nothing worse...yuck, ask for refund and get out of there

    i would nicely ask the manager to make me another one ;) and if not, i would nicely ask the manager to give me my money back, and if not, i would nicely threaten the manager to sue his restaurant and show the public, and if not i would nicely just leave the restaurant and won' come back to it again ;) but i'm pretty sure they would just make me another one ;)


    doublehelix, I would be nice, but straight to the point, no pussy footing about.After all it was not me in the wrong.
    Quietly let the sevrver know and they will replace you meal... However I did find 2 flies and a chicken sandwich one time I lost my stuff.. I was loud!!! how do not one but 2 flies get in a sandwich....
    I would complain....that is Gross

    There is nothing worse to put you off a meal! Of course it does happen.

    consider your meal FREE

    Yes Freegirl50, consider your meal free with added vitamins, Flies. No thanks. Even if I got a free meal I could not eat it.
    i may never dine out again.

    There was an episode on Seinfield concerning this, but Vinny sums up this question nicely.

    Hope there is not a fox chasing it


    you funny, rushie.
    flick it at the waiter an say im not eating this filth weres my money
    STOP eating WBMS

    Complain so you can get the meal for free.

    Was it human or animal?

    It can get pretty hairy.

    Kinda like if you went to a house of ill-repute and found a noodle in your prize, I wouldn't pay for that either..

    Use it to floss your teeth after you're done eating your steak.

    Yeah it happens.I have heard all sorts of stories from finger nail clippings to hairs & even a bandaid in some Chow Mein.

    The management should know about it asap & a new meal delivered.The trouble is,when the kitchen staff know you have complained they will probably spit on everything that comes to you table.

    At best, your meal has been ruined.


    ack! I think ... get the money and run! never ever return.

    I look at it and wonder where it came from because it could'nt be mine.


    You think???




    Are you bald? ;-)

    Most generally  I  get the wait person  or the manager

    Just slide it to the side of your plate when no one is looking. It is very important not to make it noticeable or else you could insult the could and/or host.

    Use it to floss.

    My husband says "what if it's your own head hair?" Is it long and blond? Is it red? Is it curly and black?  Look in the mirror, people.

    You know, most of us worry about Mcdonald's and restaurants like that but there's lots of employees and LOTS of managers. i think that's a good thing?

    I would never complain at a restaurant because of worry of the unpleasant "get even" like tommyh mentioned.  ok ... now i'm outta here. i will fill my mind with lilacs, blue sky, and puffy clouds. 


    My husband and I stopped at a tiny restaurant way up north inland and along the snake river. My hamburger was BAD. real bad. I complained and I think they gave me my money back -- doesn't matter now.

    when we left the restaurant and were heading to our car the owners of the place unchained their rotweilers on us. (I say three. My husband says two)  Yes, we made it to the car...just barely.   we didn't have a cell phone so we didn't contact the authorities. I will never eat in a remote little place again.



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