Can you remember the Best and Worst question one this side?

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    yeah i have to admit that there has been some strange questions and equally some strange answers,but the people asking may well be genuine in what they need to know and the people responding may think they are giving good advice.So out of respect to this site just keep level headed.

    i agree. thumb up.

    Well I don't know about the worst, but the craziest that I've seen here is "Why won't you make me cookies". I must admit that it did make me laugh, though some people were deeply offended by his comments. I found that almost as amusing as the question itself because it was obvious to me that it was not really meant to be taken seriously.


    i guess i better be careful what i say. i didn't know there was a contest. it a good idea.
    lots of great questions or at least their use to be. plenty of dumb ones as well

    Yes Darren. Not the same these days.

    the old gray mere ain't what she uses to be
    Ms Sinclair

    You can say that again. I can't believe how dumb some of the questions are.

    i forgot. oh ya the worst question was the one i didn't ask ! it was posted for a bout 30 seconds before i deleted it. the best question is yet to come !!(i deleted that as well)) lol




    it so happened that i read that one you call the "worst" question. as i was reading it disappeared from my gaze. : )
    did the format change? or was there a change on the internet? i think children write here -- i wish they wouldn't but what can you do except answer them the way you would your own kid,
    You name is Optimist. I am sure you will find one some day

    i had the same answer. gmta
    still looking for a good one.

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