Do you ever walk into a room and cant remember why?

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    evertime i go to work....loli (laugh out loud inside)


    its kind of a tempory sebatical from life


    You were going to give me a TU but forgot


    Darren isnt it good on here to sometimes have some fun and get away from all the I'm right and your wrong. Art I right. There I go again

    I know I was going to write something here.......???


    You to. Forgot my TU lol


    thanks Flip

    Everytime I come to akaQA I ask myself--- 'Why am I here??"


    so dosen't everyone else: just kidding buddy

    Oh yeah but what I really hate is when I go to Wal-Mart and forget to get the very thing I went there in the first place for.

    I just walked into a room to find my glasses and came out without them. then I realised they were on the top of my head


    That reminded me of my late husbands grandma who would do that and then phone us to go and help her look for them.

    meant my husbands late grandma he is still alive and kicking.

    You are laughing at them and you are loosing it as well LOL..Thanks for comment

    All the time. I think it is because of a brilliant mind that is multi-tasking and processing a lot of information at once. :)

    Happens to me all the time. I usually try to remember by going back and walking the same way again, hoping to trigger the missing memory. It doesn't always work... the success/failure ratio might be somehting close to 50/50. And yes, I also sometimes come out of the supermarket with a whole bunch of things, except for the one I was supposedly looking for in the first place... outraging.

    But I'm really glad to see that there are many more people out there with the same problem. I was already wondering whether I was suffering from some neurological short circuit.


    I misplaced a drinking cup last night and still can't find it. It's 12" tall and has designs on it. I guess it's now hiding on me.

    ohhh yes constantly and sometimes driving somewere i just head in a direction missing the right way and then thinking ooohhhh now why am i in the car and where am i going lol i just hope that doctors during a operation dont get the same thing i know i would hheee hhee

    Frequently. Our minds are like computers--filled with files. The older we get the longer it takes to get to a certain file. Things of little importance are lost in an instant. Not to worry. The important things we hang on to like family or where our money is. :) Forgetting happens to all of us. When we forget the way home, our children or what equals 4, then we need to seek medical help.

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