Can we have nothing and still be rich?

    I have had very little by way of riches at time in my life but I had love, A nice family a roof over my head and food in the larder.I was rich campared to some

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    Good question friendindeed, it made me think of all the things I can be thankful for that money can't buy :)

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    Yes. Rich in spirit by having god in our lives.

    I worked at a billionaire's house not to long ago, the couple owned several car dealerships. They were both so miserable, in fact they couldn't stand each other. Money can't buy happiness or real love, it's nice to have though. I would rather have family and friends who love me, than all the money in the world.

    At times in my life I have had nothing plus debt. Self imployed. All I really needed was the love of my family. I was rich. I gave you a TU for your answer . thanks
    No. Money is security among many other things. Humans need a sense of security. Take that away and you have anxiety, where will I live, do I have enough food, just some of the insecurities. Loving your partner and having a partner who loves you is great, but that doesn't take away the uncertainty of tomorrow. Money is not evil or dirty or sacrilegious it's a means of well being if applied correctly. What you do with it can make good or bad.
    Yes you can be happy without much money all you truly need is Jesus

    I think some of the poorest people have more riches than the most wealthy people in this world. Like I said before, money can't buy you loved ones or give you inner peace.

    as every one has answed you must have love and trust and if you have th riches to go with rich yr love and trust yuo have hit the big time I am a interior designer and I met very wealthy people and they are not very happy I can say i have met only 2 couples that were very much in love and you know what they were the nicest people I have known I can always tell a good person in my job as they always say with their old furniture give it to the homless or charitys the others say how much will i get for this!
    Yes, with love and happiness!!!

    TU for you
    I met a person today who had very little but looked so happy because they had an inner peace. Nice to see in the day and age

    Rich in health and love.

    It is better to never have known riches, then to have them and then lose them.

    if you have nothing but money, and alot of it,that would make you a rich person with nothig

    Money will make a poor man rich, but a poor man needs no money to be happy. it is what is in him. A poor man cannot afford to be unhappy. His worth becomes even less.

    your sister,
    Depends on what you mean by richness. I believe a rich person is the one who is rich both in mind and spirit.
    My friend used to be the same way. He was a much better friend than my other friend, who is rich. My poor(ish) friend is rich will love and happiness. Can't beat that kind of richness ;)
    Being poor is the root of all evil. But, you can be happy and poor. I don't think Bill Gates is unhappy.

    Money  is  not riches for me,  family,  love, good health, and contentment  with my life  to me thats  riches

    When we look at most of the mont wealthy in this world most are only happy on the surface.


    TU back at ya!!!

    its a matter of what you believe 'rich' represents in one's life. 

    Rich is only in the eyes of the non rich-- What you perceive as 'rich' is poor.. If all a person has is money, they have nothing. 

    But!!  I wouldn't mind it 'for awhile'..


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