Do any of you men out there like to cook? Are we Better

    I love to cook. I am afraid to say I am better. Wife may see this lol

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    I bbq ribs in the summer and make bread sometimes in the winter but thats about it, I've cooked in many restaurants but cant get in to it at home. (just make a big mess most of the time) I'm sure percentage wise woman are alot better cooks than men.


    Hi Roger. Bread at home is so good TU


    Yes men make a bigger mess

    If my existence were based on my cooking ability, I would have died many years ago. I'm not a fussy eater, will eat damn near anything. Maybe that's the reason I never cooked. Can't even do burgers or dogs on the grill.

    YES! I love to cook! My parents owned a very popular Italian restaurant in ohio, very big! I hated the business but loved to cook, I sold the place in 1985 but I took all the recipes with me to California. I love cooking Italian for get togethers at my place, often we have thought of opening another restaurant but smaller than my parents place that I grew up in. Time had passed us by though, I think its a bit too late now.

    I mostly cook on the grill now, haven't had enough guests to cook a meal for lately, but it's no secret that there are far more male chefs then women in the business. Why is anyone's guess.

    A famous quote If I've heard goes something like this. "Any cook can make a meal where you enjoy the first bite, but a real Chef will make a meal where you enjoy even the last bite."
    yes as a man i can cook but the difficult bit for me is timing and getting all on the plate all at the same time. Not being sexest here, but i think the girls are better. Or is it just practice?

    It seems most chef's are men. But I still think the best home cooked meal comes from a woman.


    Good response. Don't let your recipes go to waste. Don't you have children or others that can take over?


    Chef= Male
    Cook= Female

    Thats how i see it..

    Not really, but sometimes I cook. Whenever my wife seems tired of cooking, I take my family out instead.
    My husband needs to learn how to cook,and fast,I'm tired of doing all the cooking and baking.:/
    I do ALL the cooking in our home, my partner, siblings, in laws & friends all love it when i suggest that its my turn to cook.
    They all hate it when i produce a meal, that would cost ?40 in a restaurant.However in all the years i have only had one complaint.
    Not a bad record.
    I am king of the microwave. If it can't be nuked, its too much trouble. Don't come to my house for dinner unless the wife is home!
    yes yes and yes to all
    Strange that when a man enjoys cooking or taking his children out in a pram etc.. he seems to be seen as "gay"! Strange world we live in!
    not really unless u want them gay.
    Most men that are seen in the kitchen have a few specialty dishes that they like to prepare for special occasions or give give the wife some time away from the kitchen or to prepare for guests.

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