Do you prefer the old movies to the new? Ben Hur etc

    I love the old movies. Have you ever watched The Quiet Man Staring John Wayne. What is your fav

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    I like the old movies, the new ones are just remakes of the old. Storylines are told over and over again, there are only so many stories and plots.. Todays movies with its CGI and 3D, IMAC etc makes them more interesting visually but look at the story in these new movies, they are not new!
    (possible spoiler ahead)
    I just saw the new 'Pirates' movie in 3D last night, the story of looking for the 'fountain of youth'. This story had been told in hundreds of movies, as any treasure movie, good guys have the map, bad guys want the map, all end up at the treasure at the same time.

    I like the classic movie's some of the newer are pretty good here is one Open Range with Robert Duvall made like a cross between Shane and unforgiven.The actor's back in classic Hollywood really new how to act no cgi. Heres my list of my favorite old movies 1.To kill a mockingbird 2.The Ghost and Mrs Muir 3.Ben-hur 4.The big country 5.Qua Vadis I am going to stop or this will be a huge list

    I like the slient movies. I think my favorite is Wings


    Sometimes my wife gives me the silent movie treatment lol Prefer the sound

    I don't know how old is "old movies", but on top of my head now, I love "Giant", "Shane", "The Great Escape", "Roots", "The diary of Anne Frank"....
    I love classic movies. My favorits are Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burten Movies. Oh- so romantic!
    I have to say the old movies were made to stand the test of time. There are some great movies made with very little budgets.

    Some of the new ones are very good these days, but I'm afraid this is because of the special effects and technology we have these days.

    Most of the newer movies are lacking in plot, and you have to know someone to get a script approved, I don't think you can even put them in the same category.

    I saw the Great Escape with Steve McQueen as a kid, and I still watch it whenever it comes on TV.


    Yes I love it. The Dirty Doz, The Bridge over the river K. There are so many more.


    I love that movie!!

    Oh yes! Most definitely! Mainly because of the people who starred in them. There's something about the old time actors. Acting was more of an art for them. You can tell they put their heart into what they did. It was more than just a job.

    I've seen all the John Wayne movies. Love him.

    Little Woman the Liz Taylor version

    Cleopatra, Liz again

    Meet me in St Louis/ Judy Garland love all her movies with Mickey Rooney too.

    Ben Hur always one of my favs.

    And just so many others. I watch very little TV but when I do, I hit TCM (Turner Classic Movies) first. They show all the old movies.



    "Might become friends. O dear"

    Well now we can't have that, can we? ; ) Maybe I'll scare you and give you a thumbs up too...


    My first TU for you colleen. I neet to be careful lol. Never had one from you yet. Might become friends. O dear


    thanks. We are even back to normal lol

    I can appreciate old movies but to be honest, they scare the crap out of me. It's some weird phobia I have, especially the silent movies with Charlie Chaplin... I've had nightmares about them where my whole dream is black and white and I can't talk in them ... anyway, needless to say I won't be watching them.


    Yep, it's called "silentophobia"


    It could be worse, I could have what some people on this site have which is "Epistemophobia" :p


    Not exactly, I'm saying some people on here fear knowledge.

    Ms Sinclair

    That's an odd phobia. Never heard of that one.

    Ms Sinclair

    Are you saying that some people here are dumb?


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