Has access improved for disabled people over the past few years? Tell us about where you live.

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    Somewhat. I have a friend who surveyed and measured trails and lobbied for the State and National Parks to be more wheelchair accessible to the different sites. Most of the comments she got back were, "Why would someone in a wheelchair want to be able to go there?" So, there is still some incredible Neandertal thinking out there.

    Yet again a rather vague question. Has access improved? for what purpose? Use a toilet, get in a taxi, go to the movies, attend a football match, catch a bus? In Australia there have been quite a few advances in wheel chair access but still a lot to be done. As far as other disabled people,those on crutches and the like not a great deal has been done. Of course I can only speak from my observations in Australia and if you mean some other country, well not much help. Could I be so bold as to suggest there are people on this site from all over so, a clearer description may help you get relevant information. We don`t all live in the one country so clearer questions are advisable. Cheers.

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