was the Norway mass murder killing Muslims

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    He did not like Muslims imigrating to his country.

    he says that he was protecting his country from emigrants this was pointed out that Muslims were taking over his Country and the Goverment were not listening to his plight and wanted the Labour party out of Goverment

    Much like the Oklahoma City bombing, they at first assumed it was a Muslim terrorist, but discovered it was just a nut, much like Timothy McVeigh.

    He is afraid that the Muslisms going to take over Europe.What is that a reason to kill innocent people.Where in the world does this idiot come from?

    No he isnt. He is a nutter with liks to right wing neo nazi groups.

    No. A crazy white guy.

    Yes he was.

    He is a Christian (Catholic) and he planned to rid his country from what he saw as an invading religion (Islam).



    Colleen,that is my understanding as well. Apart from the mass killings what were they doing on the island?

    I'm sorry, they who?

    COLLEEN, don.t they report the news in the U.S. the people who were killed were on a small island having some kind of learning off the norway coast. this was where the killings took place.

    Yup, they report the news. i just don't watch it. I haven't really followed this story. I don't know why they were on the island or why he was either.I just happened to see that article I posted the link to. didn't even read it all.

    oky doke

    If Breivic was a practising Catholic, he is one of a minority in Norway, a country where only about 2% are regular church-goers. Immigrants make up 11% of the population , 163,000 Muslims make up 3.4%..

    Just shows the evil of organised religion; of whatever denomination.

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