Would you still love me whether I am rich or poor?

    Sometime we have friends simply because of what we have. Take it away and see

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    I ma broke.. My husband is broke and most of my friends are broke.... Love is in the air in abundance.

    It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor, money or possessions are irrelevant, just have a good heart, love people and treat people right and more than likely, YOU WILL be loved.

    true wealth is not measured by any monetery system. wealth is knowledge and wisdom, look what happened to job. he lost every thing but still had his faith in god,but god loved him all the more, not cause he had money, but faith. i'd rather die broke knowing god than have every eartly prize as well as friends. so yes we will love you still

    therein lies your true answer if they are only "fairweather" friends then they were not true friends at all were they?

    I do not measure a person by what they have or how much money they have but by how they treat me and what values they have in life and morals and character not being one......

    My wife's broke, I dig the hell out of her.
    Honey, I love you now. And I don't know whether you're rich or poor, free or bond; young or old. No matter to me! We communicate very well. Works for me! ha!

    your sister,
    Buy a truck, you'll have lots of friends.. Friends like friends with trucks..

    Dump the truck, no more friends..
    Depends who your asking that question to.
    I don't love you regardless of whether or not you're rich or poor. I have no idea who you are.

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