the bottom of my tummy is tender. im i pregnant?

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    why not just get home pregnancy test to be sure, their cheap enough as well as reliable!

    1) are you Female?

    2) Do you have gas?

    3) Are you constipated?

    Telling us you have tummy pains & asking if you are pregnant Is like asking how long is a piece of string?

    There must be some other reason to think you are pregnant other than tummy pains.

    Think about it.

    If it turns out you are,enjoy parenthood.:)


    Tommyh, I Love your answer.
    BTW, I read a comment of yours about your daughter with Multiple Sclerosis. You're a good man. I have always been able to tell that from the way you answer.
    "How long is a piece of string?" Haha.

    she won't enjoy it if she's mot married and doesn't have much money

    Yeah well:( You know the old saying."If you burn your arse sitting on the stove,you have to sit on the blisters." I'm sure you've heard that one mycatsmom.:)

    Have you missed a period?  

    Irritable bowel, uninary tact infection, endometriosis, gas, bowel obstrution, bruise, there are many reasons your tummy could be sore there. If you think you are preg, get a test. A tender belly is not a common sign of pregnancy.

    Why are you guessing?  Take a pregnancy test.

    Was it tender there the last time  you got preg ? Or, is this your 1st possible pregnancy ?

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