Why do Humans have a soul, Emotions, Conscience ?

    If we were not Created by God I cant understand why we have all these built in without a plan

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    So the soul can experience what it is to be human.There is a plan we just stumble our way through until we get back on the path or plan if you will. It's a learning experience and chance to get back to God.

    The soul is your identity. The conscious is part of your spirit. Emotions function from your soul. We have a conscious from our spirit to communicate with God, because God is a Spirit. This is why people are the only creatures that can question why we are here, what is my purpose, who am I etc.


    The soul is not the identity, it is the power and the energy, though identity is also contained in the soul. Emotions are tools, and lower vibrations, tools of expression.. just the same as paint and a paintbrush.. but when people live inside of their emotions they become unstable, unbalanced, because they are living outside of their true self.

    If we evolved from Primates we could not have a soul, conscience etc


    not.. at all.. true. All species of life are always evolving spiritually, on a conscious level. Evolution is a conscious act. That doesn't mean that humans did evolve from something else, but such logic as this just doesn't suffice.

    Soul? Not sure. But conscience, is nothing more that moral sense. Emotions are regulatory in nature. Fear provides for safety, love for companiionship and procreation, desire can be for ambition or goals,and so forth.

    ithink we have these so that the universe can expereince itself--life is just a great big feedback loop

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