If the next bus was going to Heaven would you wait for the next one or jump on?

    I would ask if my name was on the passenger list. If it was I would jump on

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    The one thing about this bus. It wont be late. When God sends it we need to be ready. Dont miss it.
    I would pass on the next bus. Heaven would be wonderful but I have so much to do here yet...I don't think God is finished with me yet here.
    I'd jump right on.
    The next one? You mean, the very next one?

    I'll have to pass.

    According to Scripture, alot of people gonna be on that first bus outta here and where they go, is not where they think they are going.

    Don't know Guys, I'mma wait for the Lord. Hope he'll take the wheel. Cause that first bus supposed to be white. That driver, aint the Lord.

    your sister,


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