Does your fear of death steer you towards rejecting evolution? :-)

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    No because I do not fear death, to me to die is to gain, not that I am wanting to die at the moment but when it is my time it is my time and then I can go to my real home Heaven where thank God it will not be as here.

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    i no longer fear death through faith in christ jesus,never really beleived in evolution. what are the odds of a ink factory and a paper factory simeataineosly(?) blowing up and creating the libary of congress.if the earth was a foot or two closer or futher from the sun we would'nt exist, more evidence of one true god. so why fear death,living is harder

    intresting reading, so does intelligent design mean god
    Grit Savage

    ID is an attempt to disguise creationism as science :-)
    i dont know if it does, do you fear dying? i think death is inevetitable, but it doesnt mean you should be fearful of dying.
    life is fro livibg and whether you choose to live it or not, the fact is that every night you go to sleep, you wake up the nect morning, whre? here on earth. so make the best of things while you are on earth.
    Grit Savage

    I don't fear death! pain is something to be afraid of! :-)
    No. Never believed in evolution.
    I do not fear die is to gain.....
    Evolution is one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on mankind. Darwin and his stooges are bogus.

    Darwin only came to that conclusion because his kid died. What a horrible thing to experience; and, yes, it changes most, some for the worse. I don't fault Darwin for what he's come to. It's given the world something to think about. it is what great men aspire to do. i would say, he was a great man, as people still refer to his thoughts. We can disagree! I still disagree with Darwin and will never learn his ways; nor teach them to my children's children.

    I do believe we can escape evolution.We were made to live, to live is to evolve, to evolve is to change in many different ways. As humans we constantly evolve whether or not we are aware or want to. Ultimately we all will die
    If evolution is change, it's time for my wardrobe to change. I need a new wardrobe and well, hell.. Let's evolve!

    Your sister,
    no i don't think
    Grit Savage

    no? or you don't think?

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