Who was/is the funniest physical comedian?

    Some of the best comedy comes from the masters of face making or pratt falling. Who do you think tops them all?

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    Red Skelton was pretty good

    trio the 3 stooges each doing his own part they were brilliant Kings of slapstick comedy!! Larry Curly Moe ! ""

    "gallager" was quite a scream..used pleny of props..he invented the cordless extension cord!

    Red Skelton, I had the pleasure of meeting him personally too. A real master, never a bad word and still put you on the floor laughing..

    Tim Conway, his spontaneous improvisation, you never saw it coming, neither did he..

    Richard Pryor in the 70's with his black humor, I am far from racist but his stuff cracked me up..

    Jim Carrey.

    w.c fields,laurel and hardy,red skelton,3 stooges and a lot of 30's-40's c0medians.

    My all-time favorite living or dead. He was a Master at his craft!!


    Red Skelton Carol Burnett Carrot Top


    I go with this less carrot top.. I see no humor there..

    without a doubt,geotge carlin, new ones,even now are honeing their skills johnny depp

    johnny depp and mr bean ;)


    Oh Mr. Bean is the BEST - he makes me fall out of my chair laughing!

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