Accidently drank weed remover what should i do??

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    Go to the hospital! NOW!!!

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    Go to the nearest emergency room immediately.


    Did it remove your belly weeds?

    Sitting there typing on this site sounds reasonable to me.

    There's an upside. You'll have the best looking stomach lining in the neighbourhood this fall !


    ha aha ahahaha ha ahahahahahhaha ha ha


    CALL 911


    It is not nice to play stupid games:(

    He/ She should call poison control what they tell you to do , then go to hospital.

    how does one accidently drink weed killer? what did you have it in, one of your old thunderbird bottles? i hope your ok and went to the emergency room.


    Oh funny ... that Thunderbird part, especially.


    How did it taste?  Do you feel stupid now?


    oh colleen that made me laugh you sre so naughty brilliant though lol

    The toll free Poison Help line, 1-800-222-1222, whcih connects you to your local poison center, is your resource for help in a poisoning emergency.  When you call, you will speak to a specially trained nurse, pharmacist or doctor at your local poison center.  It's free and confidential.  Translation is available.

    I can stop cutting weeds for you to eat then but, I may have to charge for labor.


    He/ she didn't eat weeds, he/she drank weed killer

    I know, the weeds was to help absorb the weed killer, "WEEDS AND WEED KILLER" GET IT!!!

    To Dad Very punny

    Try to vomit then drink milk only not water .


    I agree, then proceed to the nearest emergency to have your stomach pumped.

    You're NOT supposed to vomit after ingesting certain types of poison , b/c it does it's damage again, on the way up. She/he is supposed to call Poison Control Center

    "You ain't suppose to drink (weed) your suppose to smoke it (rookie)!"


    Panda! You used mine!! I just couldn't think of it.

    that's funny

    well! Gengis  the quality of question just reached a new level, remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf!

    How are we supposed to take you seriously from now on ?

    maybe you should accidently drink some spot remover and disappear!


    Maybe I should accidently put weed killer on my wart, adn see if it makes it go away

    Dial 1-800-DUMB-ASS, and turn yourself in before you hurt yourself!

    OMG, this qualifies for the top ten dumbest questions, its right up there with the guy that flamed himself, pissed himself off and left and never came back.. LOL   Seriously, if you really did this outrageous act of insanity, I hope you  have enough sense left over to follow through on the great advice people here are giving you.. 

    You don't vote do you??? Bwhwhahahahaha!!! 


    I think maybe he did! That's the problemo? Wild guess.

    Call an ambulance NOW!!!! While they are on their way, drink as much water as you can.

    My best wishes,



    Maybe she is supposed to drink milk or induce vomiting. She won't know till she calls Poison Control Center

    General information everyone should have near their phone!!!!

    Univeral Poison Control Center    1-800-222-1222

    When this number is called it conects you with the nearest Poison Control Center to you.

    Well, at least you'll be weed free for a few months. Do you cut your hair with the lawn mower or weed trimmer?

    "Weed Remover" looks a lot like "Apple Juice" I can see how that could happen. Glad you're ok and are still riding with us. 



    Sorry my bad. it wasnt weed remover it was apple juice. I read the label wrong :(


    Just as I thought. You were playing a game here. No one on this earth is going to mistake the words APPLE JUICE with WEED REMOVER. Besides, the fact that it tasted like apple juice would have told you it was apple juice. Well I hope all the truly concerned people entertained you.

    We thought she was faking it. Look at all the facetious answers

    She or he must be bored, and immature.

    Your not dead obviously. Have a few beers.

    You sure you didn't '' accidently '' give it to someone, like put it in your spouse's drink ?

     At any  rate, look on the bottle before you call poison control center to see if you should induce vomiting or if you should just drink milk, then go to the E.R.  With some poisons you aren't supposed to induce vomiting, b/c it does more damage on the way up.

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