why do gas prices always end in .9?

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    9/10 of a cent makes it look cheaper.

    figure 9/10 of one penny times a billion, and how much that is the big oil companys did a long time ago and ran with it ,it's called corparate greed.

    IamPamela313 is right 1/10 of a cent looks 1¢ cheeper.

    Here you go:


    That's a great article but where i believe this theory of the '9' I don't see how it works with energy 9gasoline) people must go from A to B and they will use what energy is necessary to get them there regardless of the price and this had already been proven here in the US as ever growing fuel prices seem to have no effect of travel. I can see it working on commodities like washing machines and T-shirts etc because most people do look at the big numbers and not the change. $6.00 does seem higher than $5.99 and people will see this as $5.00 rather than $6.00. Ironically, most people know this marketing trick and ignore the impact of it and will buy at $5.99 rather than $6.00. It works.

    Other research on this as i remember from my retail business class has concluded that .77, .88 are also good numbers. Some people in certain areas will go for this as these numbers are associated with good luck. In my business we deal with many Chinese, they do not like the number 4, I must try to be aware of this when presenting a price traditional Chinese. Once I had ended up with a price that contained 666 in it, not Asian, I had to re-adjust the price because the person would not buy with 666 as it was bad luck..

    Vinny, you should have added this as a new answer and not a comment so that you could have gotten credit (TU's) for it.

    The same also applies to many retail goods. 

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